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diff lock

  1. Saffe

    LSD on my LJ70?

    Hello all, I would like to know if the 1990 LJ70 with round head lights (2-LT engine) has standard a LSD differential on the rear. I've got a hunch that my LSD doensn't work properly anymore or maybe I even don't have one. Is there also a way to modify the differential so I can "easily" lock...
  2. Luo Lei

    Hello Auckland New Zealand

    Hello there My name is Luo Lei (pronounced Law-Lay). I'm from Auckland New Zealand. I don't have a Cruiser yet. I'm looking to import a Cruiser from Japan. I intent to use the Cruiser for farming purpose ( towing a trailer with my bee hives). For New Zealand regulation, I can only import a...
  3. Watamu LC

    Does the factory rear diff work?

    Dear all, I have recently managed to find a "new" ECU for my KZJ78. The new computer box solved the niggle where the "O/D OFF" light would blink continuously when I disengaged the overdrive. The overdrive always worked perfectly well, so always found this to be a little odd. I had hoped that...
  4. Craigus76

    80 Series Mechanic South London

    Hi Guys Have had a problem with my centre diff lock for 2 months now and had tons of assistance from members on this club with a lot of things I could try, which I really appreciate. Alas I haven't been able to fix myself and now the car has been standing for 2 months and I have to get it...
  5. A

    Diff lock, demister and fan not working

    Hi All - any suggestions please.... I just installed an after market radio which works just fine ... however ... Once I got everything on the dash back together, the diff lock, internal fan (aircon) and the rear demister switches (all in the same general area on the dash) don't work. I have...