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  1. Benwath2

    40 Series 3D printed / Replicated parts!

    Hey guys! I have recently opened a website to sell replicated, remanufactured and custom parts for 40 series land cruisers. (I'm located in Perth Australia). Website link: Custom 4x4 Parts - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] I am always looking for suggestions of new things people would want made so...
  2. Benwath2

    New member!

    Good morning guys! Just wanted to introduce myself, I’m from Perth Australia. Last year I restored my fiancé’s grandpa’s hj45 when it was passed down to us. 12ht, 5sp, ac, power steering etc etc. Since then we’ve been doing trips in it and I’ve been constantly thinking of ideas to improve it...
  3. R

    Hj45 troopy

    Check out the auction for my beloved fully restored Hj45 troopy model. from my knowledge and research the only right hand drive Hj45 fully restored troopy model in the uk. can be shipped anywhere in the world for around £2500 shipping costs dream car for any Toyota enthusiast...
  4. H

    New wiring harness

    gday, Im on the search for a complete wiring harness to suite a 1971 fj45. Anyone got any suggestions of a particular company that sells them? I'd prefer them to have modern fuses as well. Thanks in advance.
  5. LegoCruiser

    Should I panic buy this FJ45?

    So I have never owned a Land Cruiser before, driven a few in the distant past and I now have the time and space to own one. I've been looking around for a while at various 70s but have always deep down wanted to own a 40 series (or a 70 too). Now is my chance! This rather Aussie looking beast...
  6. S

    Fj40 FJ45 BJ HJ 40 42 47 COMPLETE DISC BRAKE FRONT AXLE (disc brake conversion)

    fj 40 fj 45 bj hj 42 47 etc... Complete front axle with diff, hubs, brakes etc. Useful starting point for disc brake conversion. Open to offers. Collection from Crewe (5 mins from Jct 16 M6). Any questions please ask, thanks Simon
  7. S

    5.4 Falcon Boss engine & transmission conversion

    Hi to all, this question is more to my Aussie counterparts but any input would be much appreciated. I have a 1970 Fj45 and a BA XR8 falcon. My plan is to transplant both the XR8's 4 speed transmission and engine into the FJ. Fabrication and fitment of this is not a problem, although an...
  8. thelostscott

    FJ45 History / Build Date?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find out more information regarding my 1976 FJ45RP-KW Pickup so I can source parts with better accuracy and was after some help. It seems as though during 1976 there was a design change from July to August (07/1976-08/1976) as on ToyoDIY there are different part numbers...
  9. S

    Buying a FJ45

    G'day guys, first time caller, first time listener... I'm in the market for a FJ45 ute, hopefully an 81+ model so I can have the comfort of power steering and aircon. I'm finally selling my patrol, it's served me well for a few years but it definitely wasn't my first choice it just happen to...
  10. S

    FJ40 / 45 F engine + 3 speed box and transfer case

    Piece of history! 1967 engine and box. Taking the engine out of my 45 (I'm guessing its an F, 3.9L). Its petrol and seems to turn over ok, I'm lead to believe it works fine but I've never fired it up. And the 3 speed box / transfer case to go with it. Any interest? cheers Simon
  11. S

    FJ45 Pick up bed & tailgate same as HJ 45 / 47 etc

    Original 4 hinge LWB / LPB bed. Imported with my truck from Australia. Get rid of that tray back! Very solid, small dings and dents on most surfaces but only one small area of corrosion leading edge of right hand wheel well where it meets bed floor, see photos. Open to offers at this stage...