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fuel pump

  1. lc150-fan

    LC150 Engine whining noise - Prado 150 3.0 140kw 2011

    Hi all, The question is related to LC 150 3.0 140kw from 2011. Anyone had this whining noise (at 0:11-0:12 sec): Currently the car has 214.000 km on the clock, injectors done at 172.000 km. The new injectors are within spec (within -1, +1 interval). The car runs just fine, no trouble codes...
  2. R

    1995 Toyota 1HZ full load screw fuel leak at fuel pump

    I know that there is an O-Ring on the screw that is prone to leaking at this age. My question is when I remove the screw (I know to put it back at the same setting) is there anything like a spring that can fall out after the scew is removed or does it come out in one piece as on the image below...
  3. O

    Fault code p1228 fuel pump range. What to do??

    Only just bought my LC 120. 2003. Thought it would be a problem free car. But noticed when I drove it on the motorway the engine light came on after about 8miles of driving, light would turn off but would come up again on the way home, again after about 8 miles. AA came and checked, they said...
  4. M

    External Fuel pump

    I have a 2001 Colorado 3.4petrol and the fuel stack pipes are corroded. Im having trouble finding a replacement so thought of the solution of fitting an external fuel pump. Im having trouble knowing which fuel pump to get, been told the fuel pressure at the injectors determines the size and type...
  5. K

    Help with a fuel pump for 1KT-ZE engine Colorado 1998 3.0 TDI

    I live in Grenada in Eastern Caribbean and have a 1998 Colorado 3.0 TDI with around 70K miles on the clock. It has a couple of issues but I can live with everything. The worst being a 'hard start' it always takes around 10 - 15 seconds to start up and the ambient temp over here is 28 deg C, so...
  6. S

    Start-up and Initial Drive issue

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum, but I've searched around quite a bit before posting here. I've recently purchased a 2000 Land Cruiser 90 Diesel and I've got a few issues that I'm having trouble resolving. I didn't see anything like these in your forum, but I did see a lot of detailed and...