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1995 Toyota 1HZ full load screw fuel leak at fuel pump


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Oct 26, 2023
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I know that there is an O-Ring on the screw that is prone to leaking at this age. My question is when I remove the screw
(I know to put it back at the same setting) is there anything like a spring that can fall out after the scew is removed or does it come out in one piece as on the image below taken by Berrima Diesel. I want to know in advance if something small falling out and if there is any trick to seat it when screwing it bac in.
Hoping for a responce from people that know.


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Hi Rexsin,

Have a look at the document in the link, and it shows the full load screw tip simply makes contact with the "corrector lever" of the governor link.
Removing it and keeping the lock nut in the same position shouldnt affect anything internally.
The link is for a Bosch VE pump, but the Denso pump is a virtual copy of the same.

Thanks Ciderman, Your pdf file lead me to this great animation,vid:J5zCZZSetrs,st:0