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  1. B

    B34cons 95 Series (small) Build

    So, I'll be honest - in comparison to the builds on the forum, this will hardly be considered a "build".. I picked up my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX over two years ago in early 2019. It's a 3.0L Turbo Diesel Manual Transmission. When I purchased the truck, it was a fresh import from Japan...
  2. zsandoe

    1kz-te Injectors

    I have a kzj95 prado and I’m interested in doing the injectors. It has 126k miles. Should I replace the injectors or rebuild? I’m mechanically inclined so the scope of work doesn’t worry me. Either way, where can I find the parts for rebuild or the new replacements? A google search hasn’t really...
  3. zsandoe

    Prado 95 Noise at highway speed, Any ideas???

    So I just purchased my prado about a month ago and I have to say, I am already in love with it. Everything is great except for a pesky noise at highway speeds. Here are the details: The noise seems to start around 60-65 MPH on the highway. Its a loud noticeable bass type vibration or humming...
  4. Nickthebizz

    Differential lock on TX Limited kzj95 - 1997

    Hi I am New in here and I am sure there are many experts in here. My grandfather gave me his kzj95 japan import 1997 prado TX Limited. Which does. It have the differential switch on the dashboard. I am wondering, is it just a matter to Fit a switch on or do I also need to change something in...
  5. abh

    1kzte : how to remove injection pump

    Hi all, i have a land cruiser prado kzj95 and i want to remove the injection pump. i had a look on thee reparation manual page 315. it lists all of the steps to do so. my mecano made them one by one except for the last step because he doesn't have the...