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  1. hamzahc

    1989 LJ70 - Replacement tail lights, experience with LEDs from China?

    I'm looking at changing out the rear lights on my 1989 LJ70 so that I can get the brakes and indicators working on the wings rather than the bumpers - and thought it would be good to try and upgrade to some more powerful LEDs. I haven't found any options apart from these from China. Has anyone...
  2. Peewee

    Main Beam Delay

    Early 2006 HZJ79R When I first twist the knob to turn on my low beam it works fine. Occasionally when I flick the stalk forward for main beam my lights will go out for 2 or 3 seconds. After that it usually works fine Any suggestions?
  3. dyladams

    Headlights / brights not working

    Hi All, I have done a search but am not able to find any information that might solve my problem. My headlights work under normal use and when I "Flash" my brights everything is OK. However if I put the lights on "high beam" or "brights", all the lights go off. Sometimes they all come on but...
  4. G

    97 1HZ Cruiser Electrical problem, Interior lights flashing very bright

    This problem has being ongoing for a while now and its being a massive pain, Currently i've already replaced the alternator, glow plug relay and the battery. The interior lights and dash backlight flash very bright every now and again as well as the volts bouncing up on the dash every time it...
  5. fittus

    Ignition voltage (Clamp 15) for daytime running lights

    Hello, i have bought a pair of front fog lamps with an integrated led bar for daytime running lights for my Land Cruiser 100 (year of construction: 2006). The fog lamps and the led bar are independently to switch. Is anybody out there, who can give me a tip, on how i can branch clamp 15 (it is...
  6. Matt Wright

    Front headlight clean out suggestions

    3rd and final for the day.. Front head lights I've fitted the uprated wiring loom which has made a big difference to the light output. I then added 100watt bulbs which helped even more but. it's still not as bright as my other truck which has standard lights, but has crystal clear reflectors...