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  1. C

    Has anyone successfully registered a new LC 70 in Spain/EU?

    I am in need of a good dependable off-road vehicle. I don't like any of the vehicle's available in the European market at the moment for one reason or the other. I am interested in importing a new or a relatively new left-hand-drive LC HZJ76 or VDJ76. I prefer the V8 VDJ76 for power and torque...
  2. K

    2019 VDJ76 without DPF from factory

    Hello to you all, Am a proud new owner of a 2019 VDJ76, i am from the middle east (Oman) and the 1VD-FTV engine is not popular here at all, only used by few petroleum companies therefore all info regarding the vehicle i obtain them australian forums and YouTube's vidoes. The reason i am...
  3. S

    VDJ76 - Weird turbo boost?

    G'day fellas, I'm new to the forum. Just a couple questions for the online mechanics or anyone who may know what I'm talking about regarding 2010 VDJ76 that i just got, has 230,000kms on the clock so just making sure all is sweet and have noticed a couple things my old VDJ79 didnt do. (Or didnt...