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Has anyone successfully registered a new LC 70 in Spain/EU?


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Jul 10, 2023
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I am in need of a good dependable off-road vehicle. I don't like any of the vehicle's available in the European market at the moment for one reason or the other. I am interested in importing a new or a relatively new left-hand-drive LC HZJ76 or VDJ76. I prefer the V8 VDJ76 for power and torque. Has anyone successfully imported such a vehicle and found a way to register it in Spain or any EU country in the recent years?
Really appreciate all your input. Thank you.
Hi , the HZJ76 is awesome, the thing with these models is the emisions , You are probably better of buying one in Spain already or at least in Europe. nationalization of big engines cost very expensive. In Spain you'll find hdj80 or 100 in good shape
There are plenty of 70’s coming into Germany but they are all GR’s the V6 Petrol) that might be a good indicator on whether you are able to import. I would think the HZ will be a no go as it is not a Euro engine and certainly not Euro6. Companies in Netherlands and Belgium are selling them but for export outside the EU only.
It would have to be a petrol version for Spain and actually the simplest way is to have the vehicle registered in your name in another country for at least six months and then import and register it as a personal import.

Obviously it depends on where you are currently living. You indicate USA but it sounds like you are already here in Spain. Tell us more and we, between us, might be able to help.

It took us two years to get our old 40 registered here in Spain but you can drive it on the original plates/registration providing you have started the process within six months of it arriving in Spain.