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1972 fj45 swap 1984 fj60


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Aug 13, 2015
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I own a 1972 FJ45 and I'm planing to sell it.
Right know it's 100% original except for paint.
Some potential buyers didn't want it because it has no A/C, no power steering and no disc breaks.
So I bought a 1984 FJ60 to upgrade mine.
Is it worth it doing it?
I'm afraid someone may want it original as it is.
I appreciate your advise.
I am not sure how many 40 series guys wander into this part of the forum...
Anyway as an owner of a J40 that incorporates major lumps of HJ60 maybe I can comment: personally I am a fan of modified vehicles but many people who are into the 'classics' are not. If you fit significant parts of the FJ60 to your FJ45 you may end up with a lot of lookers but a smaller potential buyer market. 44 year old FJs must be getting rare and if it was me, I'd leave it as original and forget the folks who want an old truck with all the mod cpns of this years model.
But as your post was some time ago, I guess you have either sold it or done the transplant.