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1980 FJ40 wont start


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May 27, 2021
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When I had first acquired my FJ, it would run and drive, but would die after a short time on the road. I could hit fourth sometimes, but it would start acting starved for fuel, sputter, and die. I discovered that the fuel pump was leaking, and changed it along with the fuel filter. It is a manual pump, operated off the crankshaft if that makes a difference. After that repair, it would not start and run. Still turns over fine. I pulled the fuel line at the carb and had my father let it turn over. It does spurt fuel, but doesn't seem to be a steady stream. Can I assume that is normal? I also changed the Ignition coil but have done little else. My theory is that something entered the carb after I changed the fuel pump. And potentially has a needle jet or something clogged. I come here to you, oh experts of the land cruiser, seeking your guidance and wisdom in this endeavor.

Thank you


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Mar 6, 2010
The symptoms would suggest one or more jets blocked or restricted (possibly fuel gum if it has been stood for a long period) or the float bowl fuel level too low or the needle sticking. Your inlet manifold does not have any leaks?
Check that the bi-metal unit between the inlet and exhaust manifolds is operating correctly and that the plate is not rotted.
You don't say where you are in the US or where the 40 was designated for. California 40s had various mods and trucks designated for use over 4000 feet had different settings. [My manual has 40+ pages on the fuel system for the FJ40!]. The Vin number will give the original designation.
Check the flex pipe between the chassis fuel line and the pump feed is clear as they corrode inwards and block the flow. This is more prevalent on diesels but still worth checking first (Ask me how I know!).