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1997 Land Cruiser HDJ81V 5 spd. manual w/ L.S.Diff.- Full or part time 4wd?


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Dec 5, 2023
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Hello, I am ready to purchase and import a 1997 Land Cruiser HDJ81V 5 spd. w/ L.S.D. to the states but I am not sure if it is full or part time 4wd. It is advertised as a limited slip differential so can this still be a full time 4wd model? I do not want part time 4wd, only full time 4wd. Can aftermarket lockers be added even tho there is no central lock diff? I would absolutely appreciate any help. Thank you
HJ81 is most likely full time, but you will see from the pictures of the front hubs. Most jap spec are LSD, not lockers, though I have one that is.
Hi Yogi, thank you for the reply. So just to confirm, if it has LSD then it cannot have a center diff. lock? I just want make sure, thanks. I would really like to find a manual with at least a center diff. lock so I guess I will keep looking.