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200 series workshop manual


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Jan 18, 2016
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I've been trying to find a workshop manual for the 200 series.

I found this

Haynes auto fix which seems to be a replacement for the traditional books
Anyone have any experience? Are they any good?

Any other options?
I too got this one. Looked at it, though it’s in English, it all felt like Greek and Latin for my standard :) . There is lot of info but didnt understand anything so just asked RHIRC to do through inspection and do all that’s needed on the truck.
They did service n changed ATF, filter, few other fluids n bits n pieces etc but like all other mechanics they won’t allow me to be there and learn while they work on the truck.
If buying Haynes manual pls share opinion, I ll get one.
This chap has a good website and a number of Youtube tutorials that are easy to follow.

IH8MUD is a good forum for all things 200 and has a number of maintenance procedures.