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2000 LWB Colorado VX Auto 1KZ-TE Resto Project / Spares Repairs.


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Jan 20, 2021
Well, I've finally got round to listing mine on eBay:

Blurb on the auction is pretty much the same as on my post in the classifieds from earlier in the summer:

Started it at a measly 500 quid. So even some of you tight-arses might be tempted to un-padlock your wallets!
Hmmm.... well that was quick. Somebody bought it straight away for £1400. But, looking at his feedback, he seems to be a serial "Buy a vehicle and not turn up to collect it" artist. So, no doubt this story will still run and run.
What are the plans for replacement Stu, assuming buy now, pay later turns up ?
We've missed your many posts on repairing your lc.
I dunno mate. I'm still pondering on a pickup at some stage, for the slightly cheaper road tax, compared to a 'normal' 4x4. But, if I go for the obvious choice of a HiLux, I think I'll probably end up on the endless quest to find one of those without similar problems underneath.
You on HPOC Stu? Its not as fun as this forum, but some good guys and girls on there, and lots of useful info, if you do decide to go down the Hilux route.
No. But I'll check it out, if I decide to go down that route. Cheers.
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Well, t'is the end of an era [albeit a pretty short era!].

After being pissed about by the first 'buyer' on eBay, I relisted the waggon again and it sold second time around. Only got a tenner shy of £1400 for it. So I lost over 2 grand during my year and a half of ownership. But better 1400 birds in the hand than a slowly dissolving Land Cruiser in the bush... er... or something like that.

So, in the famous words of Captain Oates "I am just going outside, I may be some time"

Thanks all for the friendly welcome and the loads of helpful advice I got during my brief sojourn amongst your Land Cruiser owning fraternity. If I ever get another one, I'll likely be back, with more idiotic questions. In the meantime, I'll bid you all adieu and try and learn to love my boring [but rust free] Renault van!
We will deffo miss your posts which have both been informative and given us all a good laugh! Good luck with the next project and hope you get another LC soon!
What a shame. I echo Karl's post.
Although exchange of information is an important part of forums, sometimes the characters and banter/exchange, highs and lows can be a big part, as you have shown Stu.
Good luck, I'll look for you on the Renault forum ! Haha.