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4x4 Emergency Help



Hi guys - I'm with the South East 4x4 Response and it's just been mad
recently and we could really do with some help. We're at South East 4x4
Response ( and currently have about 50
vehicles although only a small percentage are available at any given time.
Much of the work lately has been getting A&E nurses, doctors, ambulance
control staff etc to work and helping recover vehicles on the way to and
from jobs. We now have an agreement where you will get expenses to cover
miles undertaken (40p a mile) but the rest is down to you. We ask for
certain levels of equipment and the like and there is training and
assessments but right now we're desperate so there is much compromise! Pls
think about joining up - there is a small fee which covers some liability
insurance (you still need to inform you insurance company but there is a std
letter u can use and there should be no additional charge from them),
stickers, hi-vis jacket and the like. This is for Kent, Sussex and Surrey
although the national site is at if you live
elsewhere in the country. Really hope to see some of you on there. Thanks
Graham Naismith
Surrey, UK
2001 HDJ100 4.2l TDA GX Patriot Roof Rack/Safari Snorkel, Long Range Fuel
Tank/BFG A/T Tyres/ARB Bullbars/Old Man Emu Raised Suspension etc
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Hi Graham,
Thanks for the info. Good timing - I am actually signing up for the
Hampshire & Berkshire 4x4 response tomorrow. This team are also
looking for volunteers for similar roles.
If anyone is in Berkshire or Hampshire, feel free to email them direct
or contact me. I will ping out an email tomorrow after I have
completed the training with an update.
On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 8:05 PM, Graham Naismith
<[Email address removed]> wrote:
Martin Solms
European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
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