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60 series



looking to buy a 60 series lc for some safari work, don't know if it's a 60,
61 or 62 yet - i'll be seeing it later today/tomorrow.
does anyone have a list of things to look out for when looking at this
vintage of lc? any known problems, apart from rust, to look out for and
anything that i'll need to check specifically?
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main things i've found with mine:
1. oil seal between the gearbox and transfer box fails. this causes one to
pump the other full of oil and vent out. can be solved by either pulling the
trans and rebuilding or there are a couple of usa solutions involving an
external breather pipe. the tranny continues to work fine, it's just there's
a whiff of gearbox oil everywhere you go.....
2. bodywork is the biggest killer of these. look for expensive areas like
lower tailgate, lower rear quarter panels - no repair panel available any
more - and near the door hinges on the front doors.
3. some people don't know the propshaft, uj's etc all need greasing and they
go dry. also, from uj housing seals fail and they dry out.
other than that, i guess the usual stuff. go and buy one quick, then i'll
have someone to talk about leaf springs and corrosion with!
hope this helps,
neill w
'89 fj62, bog standard apart from extra rust, soon to be banished.
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