70 series rear door hinges..


New Member
May 13, 2010
Hi all,
If anyone has a spare set of hinges(or just the bottom one)from the barn doors for a 70 series land cruiser then I would like to snap them up?
Kids damaged it last time by swinging on the door during a camping trip last year... :roll:

Richard Jackaman

Well-Known Member
Apr 6, 2010
Scottish Borders
Depending on how your ones are broken it is possible to fix them.

On mine the pins snapped in the hinge. Remove the complete hinge from the truck and you can drill out the old pins and replace with either a bolt or some threaded rod.

Seems to be a common issue and quite an easy fix. I've done all four of mine in the past 2 years and they're all working fine now.

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