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78 Series Troop Carrier in UK


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Feb 15, 2021
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Good Moaning.......
Long shot but........anyone know of a 78 Series Troopy for sale in the UK please?
Diesel really, most other things can be sorted, unless very very terminal rust.
I am based in the Chilterns.
Be well,
Have a look at UK Land Cruiser Importer/Classics & Cruisers on FB.
Thanks both, I am familiar with Rowlands. I have already spoken to them but LHD (they seem to be mostly LHD) is my second choice really. However RHD 78s are really few in numbers in UK.
I am flexy on cost, depending on whats being offered.
Worst of it is I used to live in Oz, should have brought over '78s not furniture and family!
Strongly considering an Oz holiday........

Be well
Yeah, I imported mine from Aus a few years ago
Yes Charlie, at the time I was into running 100 series, having previously run them in UAE.
Times and needs have changed......
If you know of a sale opportunity I have my ears switched on!
Be well,

PS Charlie, who did you use for import?
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They do occasionally come up for sale. Mostly older 1HZ models. I’d sell mine for the right money but it doesn’t tick your boxes being a LHD 1GR. There was one in Bristol area advertised on the website. Also worth looking on but they will all be LHD I think.
Thanks Gr8Yota, I found the Toms LC at £59k, looked good!
I missed out on the Tom's LC for sale recently, looked like a great truck. If anyone has a troopy for sale I'd be interested
I am selling mine. A Troopy HZJ78L-RJMRS with a 1HZ engine 2015 with 102.000km.
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Not strictly a Troopy but my HZJ75 camper is up for sale in the UK or swaps for something with a bigger living space. Just ticked over 41k Kms.