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[80] Intercooler kits 1-HDFT



Pawel, yes water / air intercoolers are more "efficient" than air/air
due to the specific heat capacity of water being much greater than air.
So in theory you can use a smaller area , and hence volume; intercooler.
Yes these things exist and are fitted to, generally, high performance
type engines. I have not seen anyone offering such a thing for a diesel
Landcruiser. I think it is something that would have to be engineered /
developed by the user. However a quick look on Google with the keywords
- Landcruiser - water - intercooler gives quite a few hits including , I think that this is an air water
kit but for a petrol cruiser. They do top and front coolers for diesels,
Email them to confirm the water air cooler. There are a lot of
references to waterspray and water injection however these are generally
methods of reducing combustion temperatures to prevent engine meltdown ,
any power gains are a bonus. Check out also propane / diesel / turbo
landcruiser on Google - there is something in the Birfield archives.
Regards Gareth Jones S.Wales. Green 80 !!