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80 Series rear Gullwing Doors

I’ve used a different source for the outer seal as the one I was using shrunk back over time. Fingers crossed this one should stay put.
One left then. :icon-biggrin:
Hi, been a member since June 2018 and was looking on the forum to see about leaking sliding windows and came across this thread about wing versions.
Just wondering if this could be an option if I've understood it correctly?
1 set left.... but unsure about the hinges as 3 arrived damaged?
If you've finalised price... I'm not too far away... Bournemouth. .
Pm me if you can and let me know ..
Email is happypatking at
Had the 93 TD 12V manual over 20 years and needs some TLC.. rear lower sills are ventilation and drainage features atm!
Thanks Pat


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Hi Pat, you have a PM. I’ll also try and email since I haven’t yet heard from you.
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I’m told hinges will be with me at the end of Feb. Don’t hold your breath though. :angry-screaming:
Hallo @StarCruiser. I'm Edo from Italy, desert rally photographer (Dakar) and brand new on this forum. I want to ask you if you are still producing the gullwings. I'm interested in a pair for my 1996 HDJ80 with fixed rear windows.

Thank you...
Hello, I got my gull wings delivered last week and got round to fitting them this weekend. They are brilliant, I can't stop walking past and opening them up just because I can! Fitting them took about 40 minutes per side but it is worth having a second person to help.

Thank you Starcruiser - well worth it!

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No excuse needed buddy. Looking forward to it. Be good to see you again. I'm guessing Patrick's coming too.
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