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80 Series rear Gullwing Doors

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I’d love to help Steve but the process is going to be far more painful to do on a hundee and trying to get anything done these days is like pulling your own teeth, so sorry ol’ chum I’m not going to be making any more. :disappointed:

Ps your phone’s autocorrect gnome must be sitting rocking back and forth in a corner after that lot. :icon-smile:
I'm sure Chris( howmanygos) got some followings for his 100. Thread nowhere not so long ago.
They were totally kit-form and supplied flat from what I could see. A reasonable start but need reworking imho.
@StarCruiser are you you the guy in the UK who is making batches of gullwing windows to fit 80 series? I have been referred to you. Or am I reading here that you've ceased doing that? Thanks
Yes, I have been making these. I hadn’t planned making any more but these may continue, so, as previously, join the list as interested parties and I will update when I know more.

1, Bramsden
2, oneafrikan
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Hey Guys,
As some of you may, or may not, know I have a metal fabrication business and have been threatening for some time to start making accessories for Landcruiser’s. Whilst I haven’t posted much I do have several products in development.
One product I always wanted to make was the gullwing doors. I didn’t however want to step on Starcruisers toes. But after Starcruiser and I had a good chat he offered to sell me his design. As such I have purchased the design for these and with his approval will be starting to manufacture these Gullwings.

So my plan going forward is to have enough parts cut and procured to put five sets together. The first will be for my 80 and the trial set. One I’m happy that we are doing Starcruisers design justice in terms of quality I’ll be putting the other four sets together.

I know there are three names down, if you guys are still interested could you please confirm your interest and if there are any others please add your name.
Hi Ryan, that's great news, what would it be a price for a pair?
Many thanks
1, Bramsden
2, oneafrikan
3, Davdangler
4, Jon Wildsmith
Hi all, Ryan approached me a while back about working together on the Gullwing Doors. Once we got talking it was soon apparent that he was a perfect fit for making the gullwings entirely in house. For me there was too much out of my direct control for them to be straightforward and they often had to be reworked for me to be entirely happy with the end result. So as Ryan has said above, this has resulted in him taking on the project, which will be in a suitable environment rather than the fast diminishing space at my gaff. I’ve enjoyed the project but there comes a time to move on and Ryan’s timing could not have been better. Any enquiries I receive for new Gullwings will be forwarded to Ryan. Otherwise he will now be taking over this thread and supplying accordingly.

Thanks to all for your business. I will still be selling the Intervolt DCC Pros.

Hey Guys,

I'm currently waiting on parts arriving (rubber gaskets and the like) as well as some additional tooling to enable me to cut one of the parts. As soon as the gaskets and new tooling is on I'll able to move ahead with the first batch.

Appreciate you patience, and I'll be sure to keep you guys posted.
Hey Guys,

Just a quick update on these. I have all the laser cut parts and components (Hinges, locks, gas struts etc...) in. I am now just waiting on the Window rubbers, which I have just been told the order has been part dispatched (enough for 5 sets of gull wings, the remainder are to follow). So I anticipate I'll have these in the next couple of weeks. Once I have a set completed and fitted I'll post up pics and then.