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80 series sunroof assembly


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Feb 26, 2010
Does anyone want an electric glass sunroof (or should it be moonroof?) assembly for an 80? It's complete except for the internal blind, and worked ok when I removed it about a month ago. Bit dusty now and it's in the way.

Can bring it to Lincomb if need be.

All the best,
1990 HDJ80 UK
What, sure not....Twin roof mounted .50 cal auto tracking depleted uranium firing chain guns? And under-slung 40mm fragmentation grenade launchers. Been having problems with members of Tinker's Rucksack whilst out laning Toby?

Sorry did I just stray into my own fantasy there....

I wouldn't mind a couple of pics at some point so that I can see which bits are where. Mine works fine but would like to do a bit of maintenance on it. Was it easy to get out?

Hi Chris, Jon,

Jon - yes it does, but progress is as slow as ever...

Was it easy to get out?

Erm, well that would depend on whether you want to retain your headlining in good condition...

If you don't, and you've taken all the seats out of the car, then it comes out pretty easily.

And those damn chain guns don't half upset the centre of gravity.

All the best,
I wondered if you'd get round to fitting it :mrgreen: taking the sunroof out is a fairly major commitment to getting it done :D
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but fitting what....

A sink?
Small swimming pool?
Bread oven?
Foot spa?
Chopping board?

Safety Devices internal roll cage from my old 80