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80 [tech]



Hi Guys
I went down to my Toy dealer to set him straight about the seal for the CV
and yes you guys were right again. The seals that I had ordered with his
help were the knuckel seals and not the one I wanted . So armed with the
info I had got off here I told him I needed the inner seal and hey presto
there it was on the screen. It shows what a little bit of info can do.
Next I had to order the bushing for the swinging arm and again no problem,
they said it will take about two hours to fit, so its been left in next
I have had a leak with the steering box for about four years now and got
part numbers for the seals and armed with this asked would they fit the
seals to the pump, they said no in a nice way, the labour cost between
stripping it and rebuilding it would be high and it may be cheaper to buy a
new one. No way ill keep my drip. Are the additives that you can add to the
fluid in the resovoir any good or just more hype.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland