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A couple of 80 series questions



As a prospective 80 series purchaser a couple of quick questions.
1. What kind of mpg can I expect from the 4.2TD, I don't really care
what it does around town, as I only drive 5 miles to and from the train
station Mon-Fri, but some idea of motorway mpg would be nice to know.
2. I'd like to buy one with factory AXLE lockers. Some I see advertised
have diff-lock(s) but I suspect a lot of advertisers are refering to the
centre diff-lock. I am assuming there are a couple of buttons on the
dash. Does anyone have a picture of these controls, so I can quiz the
sellers more accurately.
Wanabe mid 90's 80 series owner
Hi Andrew
MPG, well depends on how hard your foot will be on the pedal and thats not
being smart in any way but one person drives a bit different than the next.
It will depend on whether its auto or manual, expect less by about 3miles if
its auto. On a manual I would think between twenty and twenty five would be
about it.
Also a lot depends on the condition of the engine, the service, the milage
on it, the injectors, etc.
Again there will be slight variations on this from vehicle to vehicle. If
you think of the shape of the 80, its big, very heavy and about as
aerodimanic as a brick. The faster you go the fuel consuption really drops,
once you go over say the fifty mark. But there again it depends on a lot of
factors, will it be loaded or will you be towing, do you live in a hilly
Diff locks are usual on Uk spec models of the 80s and are easy to spot by
the dials on the dash.
One switch will be on the dash to the left of the steering at the height of
the rear window heater and this one you will pressin.
The second switch or more like a round dial is located also to the left of
the steering wheel down lower and closer to the actual wheel.
Its a round dial with letters on it like RR and RR-FR in small letters and
DIFF LOCK in big letters.
This is for the actuation of the axle diffs and the switch mentioned before
is for the centre diff.
I would give it a really good going over by some one who knows what to look
for and ask loads of questions and then more about service history, owners
knowledge of what needed to be serviced and what major works were carried
out on her.
Sorry have to go but if you want more info just ask the list
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Rep of Ireland
I recently did a trip to Hamburg and back and averaged 27, my normal
is about 23 so driving back must have been really good on fuel. Not
sure that I want to go everywhere at 45-49 MPH though, I was guiding a
lorry home and that was it's speed. Mine is a 24valve diesel auto.
Regards, Clive.
Hi Andrew,
Generally a 12 valve ('90-95) manual will give around 25-27mpg and an auto
will give 24-26mpg on motorways although this can vary a lot according to
the condition of the injectors, pump, filters, etc.
With a 24valve ('95-97) a manual will give around 28-32mpg on motorways
and an Auto will give around 26-28mpg.
The Autos drink more around town but are about the same if a bit better on
motorways due to better gearing ratios.
The 24valves are better engines, but were only available in the UK as
manuals - any post '95 autos in the UK would be an import.
You can improve performance and economy by fitting a bigger exahaust (2.5
-3"), the main box on the standard exhaust is very restrictive and also by
fitting an intercooler, although more often than not you tend to regate
the economy benefits by using the extra performance.
Also economy whilst driving on the motorway is greatly affected by the
speed you travel. With the 80 not being particularly aerodynamic, it
takes a lot more power to drive at 90 as opposed to 70 (around 90bhp) so
the consumption shoots up.
One lister has a 24valve manual fitted with an intercooler and large bore
exhaust and averages 35mpg, dropping to 32mpg whilst doing heavy towing!!
Most UK spec models will be fitted with the diff locks, but most Jap
imports won't be although they all have the centre diff lock. The chances
are most owners won't know if they have them or not so you need to ask if
they have a rotary dial just to the left of the steering wheel.
Mostwon't have a centre diff lock switch, with it switching automatically
when you go into Low range, although you can override this behaviour by
fitting a Centre Diff Lock switch (the wiring is all in place behind the
dash and you can pick up the switch for around ?35) and then tweaking the
wiring on the ECU or tranfer case.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift