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ABS - LC(HDJ)80 Dec92 - spares?


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Sep 28, 2013
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I have an ABS fault which affects braking intermittently (the ABS engages when apparently not needed, sometimes under light braking, and also seems to pull the vehicles slightly to the left) with the warning light coming on, usually after driving for a short time. The garage managed to extract a code that says (I think) faulty driver side sensor. I can't find a replacement on-line from the UK: the Milner Off-Road offer says only applicable from 1995 onwards (confirmed by phone call) and I can' t find another, in the UK or overseas. Any suggestion?
If I can't find the part, can I somehow turn the warning light off (the issue doesn't seem to me to be dangerous: under harder braking, any jittering stops)? One post (Weird braking behaviour - 80 series - maybe ABS related?!? - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]) quoted 'pulling the ABS fuse': where is this, and what does it do to take the fuse out?
Many thanks in anticipation: I bought this beautiful vehicle back in the summer and I can't believe I wouldn't be able to get it through the MoT because I can't find the right sensor..!
I didn't think the sensors themselves changed? Is it just the sensor, or a sensor with wiring harness you're looking at? Cleaning the end of the sensor might fix the problem. They're not hard to take off. Maybe swap them left to right to confirm if it's a sensor or wiring fault?

Taking the fuse out will still be an MOT fail, because part of the test is that the light comes on, and then goes out.