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[ADMIN] ELCO Messages



OK, this is aq bit of a reminder to the old hands and also a bit of a
prompt for the new members.
Many of you probably aren't used to mailing lists, so here are a few
rules/pointers to help you out.
1. Please always try to post messages in Text (as opposed to HTML)
format - you can find out more about this at If you are unsure
about how to achieve this with your email program, try using Google to
search for "<email program name> text messages" - that should bring up
some instructions.
2. Please try to include a signature in your messages, ideally giving
your proper name, vehicle details and location.
3. You can send photos and files as attachments, but there is a limit
of 100kb so nothing too big.
If you are on the normal message delivery you may find it a bit
daunting because some days there can be a lot of messages (80-90+) -
the trick is to setup a 'mail rule' or 'filter' to automatically move
all the ELCO messages to their own folder when they arrive - that way
you can collect all the messages into their own folder so it doesn't
clog up your main mailbox and then you can dip in and read the messages
at your leisure. If you can't work out how to do this, again try a
google search, you are bound to be able to pull up some help on
creating the rule - as a simple guide, just search for the word 'ELCO'
in the message subject.
If you are on the digest mode, sometimes the messages can get quite
muddled up, particularly if someone posts a message in HTML format -
you may findit easier to follow what is going on by coming off the
Digest mode (you can change your subscription at any time using the
form at and then
setting up a rule in your mail program to filter the messages, as
already mentioned.
Being an Ex computer geek this is al pretty straight forward to me, but
I know that many of you will struggle - if you are unsure how to do
something related to the list, please do not hesitate to give me a call
or drop me a line and I'll try to step you through it.
Thanks for listening.
Julian Voelcker
0845 508 6863
Ledbury, Herefordshire. UK
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift and a few goodies.