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Adventures in EGR removal and fuel trimming

Most of it has really been from my home to work and back again, the driving hasn't really been any different.

Air con - for now at least, let's see in 2 weeks - was only fixed on Monday. So I don't think that would account for the 5mpg drop.
24mpg isn't that bad if you're jogging about stop starting hill climbing and just negotiating typical road layouts, you're doing very well to get over 30mpg with a Cruiser unless on a long run and keeping the speed down.
25mpg is about our norm, that's about the same as our Forester 2.5turbo petrol/lpg, it doesn't take much enthusiasm to see either vehicle returning under 20mpg, both will just edge 30 on a run but that's about it, both are autos.

The way the roads are set up these days even if you travel early morning you have to plan your routes to avoid all the roundabouts and junctions incl traffic light controlled roundabouts where there isn't another vehicle to be seen, the only vehicles to suit the modern raod network are proper hybrids able to recoup most of the losses involved in constant stop starting.

Just going to work in a few minutes i shall take the non direct route through 2 towns and back roads between the two towns, either to avoid mutliple sets of traffic lights or cut the number of roundabouts down, the suspension wrecking third world main route or the endless roadworks to put yet another roundabout and set of lights in to service another new warehousing ind est, not to fix the already wrecked road that can only get worse as the traffic increases even further on the same A road that couldn't cope 40 years ago.
And we wonder why we can only get 25mpg.
I don’t think it’s tyre pressures, they’ve been fairly constant.

I am inclined to think the 24mpg has come from poor quality diesel. I’ve done 142 miles of my usual mixed driving and I’ve about used a quarter tank. I had used half a tank with the 168 miles I did previously.
Can confirm that the diesel was the issue. I filled it from a half tank with the usual Sainsbury's stuff, and the full tank returned 28.5mpg. So I'm happy(!) there is no issue with the engine or the running.
Managed to go on holiday last week to France, in the midst of a fuel strike which was nice. Also gave me the opportunity to see what MPG I get on proper long runs.

From the midlands to Brittany in france, I averaged about 32mpg. That was mostly doing 70mph/130kph which I thought was quite good. Then after I filled up, in order to not be caught out (or to at least make sure I had 300miles in the tank to get back to Britain) I would fill up every day. The worst it did was 32mpg, the best I got out of it was 35!

The OzBush thing I need to reconfigure though, as I think my own commutes to work and back could improve if I dialed down the fuel mapping as in France you don't slow down/get up to speed half as much.
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Good to hear it's all going well.
TonyC on the other side knows a thing or two with the Ozbush device on the 120.
I seen his posts, without those I'd have never made the jump.

I am going to email the guy who sells/builds them with a suggestion about it. I know you can have one that's controlled from the cockpit, but while driving I felt that I could've benefited from a button that would flip between two programs. I read in the leaflet he gives you that there'll be people in the outback who turn everything right down to maximise fuel efficiency, but that involves you turning the engine off, then put it on standby, flip the switches a few times etc. If you have two options for stored programs, say one for town one for highway, it wouldn't be too difficult to switch between 1 or 2 while the car is on. Although there's probably a reason as to why the idea is total tosh.

But like I said, in the months running it, that's the only thing I wish it could do. It does everything else so well.