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Amazon 2004 - TV screen CD Changer Problems

Neil Hicking

New Member
Jun 13, 2013
the centre TV screen intermittently does not boot/load properly on engine start up, not every time, but an increasing regular problem. It always starts eventually, some times after a few minutes some times as long as 20 mins. A bit like a computer not booting properly or it needing to warm up - although it also happens in the summer.

I replaced the screen unit 2 years ago (>£1K!) with a direct from Denzo recon unit and this seemed to solve the problem for a while, but we are back to the old ways again.

Main dealers are only prepared to replace the unit at between £2-3K!, with absolutely no guarantee of success and without any diagnostics. The local auto electrician apart from checking power feeds and contacts in the back of the screen unit didn't really have a clue.

When the screen doesn't start properly you have no control over the heating, aircon, blower and sometimes the radio/audio systems.

Anyone out there had the same problem? And if so did you solve it, or just remain hacked off as I have been with it!

While I'm on my CD changer/CD player has never worked - any ideas?