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Hi guys
I don't know much of oils either but here the status for 'good'
engine oil is 5W40
best is 0W40 and what I've heard about is that the lower number
before the letter 'W' the better for the engine and specially in the
cold winter mornings(and days)
So is this 'Amsoil' 15W40 good enough for the severe climate in Norway?
'96 HDJ80
Hi Lubo,
You are talking thickness or ability of the oil to flow which is quite
different to the additive package and how it relates to engine and
bearing protection.
In your case I would reccomend what I use Amsoil 5w30 Series 3000 heavy
duty diesel oil. Yes it is exspensive per/L to buy but actual cost
per/1000km driven is quite acceptable. I ran the oil in my truck for
10,000km and did an oil analysis sot level was 0.2% (and this is tipping
much more than stock fuel in to allow for Maartens bigger turbo and
intercooler) upto 2-3% is normal, oxidation and nitration levels (a
measure of how the oil itself is withstanding the abuse the engine's
combustion processes and thermal stresses) were 6-8 and upto 50 is OK.
All the wear metals were good. The oil was in such good condition and
the comtaminant levels so low I have left it there and did not change
the oil filter (on 1HD-T's I normally change the oil ever 10,000km) I
will wait until I hit 20,000km and reanalyse.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES attempt this with mineral oil or a indirect
injection engine without much more frequent oil analysis.
From past experience it maybe that I never change the oil just
regularly analyse it and replace oil filters as neccessary currently oil
use is about 0.5L in 16,000km.
NB: the 5w30 Amsoil has a pour point of -50 degrees C so even it your
chilly climate you will be fine.
The factory fill is OEM 10W30.
Lubomir Kolev wrote:
Thanks Craig
Now I know what to put in my car next time I change the oil:)))))))))
(with new sport turbo soon)
On Aug 11, 2006, at 2:26 AM, Craig Vincent wrote:
> NB: the 5w30 Amsoil has a pour point of -50 degrees C so even it
> your chilly climate you will be fine
I pay 55 =A3 for mobile 1
On Aug 11, 2006, at 10:27 AM, FREDERICK AULD wrote:
> but it will cost you around =A335 per every 5 litres