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Hello the guys, long time no see you, being busy, my wife is make a
baby. But that is not importent now, I have a 4wd problem.
Well you know I buy a Range Rover, well it brake down right away! Hi
hi hi just joke, it is fine, but my buddy prototype Range buggy is
brake it's homocinetic joint (Beerfield) because he run 4.6 liter
motor with 38" tires. Oh oui the pain of tall tyres, non?
So well he hered there is some company in you lovely UK that calls
itself Ashcroft or something and they makes some renforced Beerfields
for Land Rover and Toyota.
Is anybody who know there web site dealers in UK and can say me they
are good joints?
Oh to tell you the guys I sign up for LRO magazine web site and my
login not work at all. Well OK they email to log me in say no problem
you must email us and we write back you to fix you. Well they is two
guys to write at and nobody answer now 3 weeks. I do say we give
Julien some present because he allways help us with some problems in
one day and he is only one guy there!