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Automatic - A750F into a 2005 HDJ78R - 1HD-FTE motor


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Dec 23, 2021
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I am about to start a Manual to 5 speed conversion to a 5 Speed Automatic - A750F Transmission from a 100 series.
I know this is not a new thing and may have done a similar mod either to 70 or 100 series Toyotas and some Patrols, But yet to speak to anyone who has done the conversion themselves or worked closely with the person who did.
I have the Box, flex plate, torque converter and now a shifter - still need the Compushift and associated wiring and other items like modified tail shafts and gearbox mounting mods..
I still have to look at will my existing th=transfer case fit or should I modify this one for the 2WD rear drive mod.. or should I turn the troopy into full time 4WD?
Also the valve plate upgrade - thinking that can be done later?
Lastly provided I use the transfer case the center diff lock is electric - basically figured out the wiring but anyone with experience in this as it's not part of the wiring loom from Wholesale Automatics..

Still chasing a full detailed wiring diagram for the box and shifter so if anyone has this it would be appreciated.

while some may see this as a stupid downgrade I no longer have a choice as my left foot is damaged and I can no longer drive a manual and seriously love autos anyway so this has simply speeded up my desire to change it.. looked at selling but spent way to much time on this car with mods galore that I would never truly get back in any other vehicle so no this is defiantly happening - soon!