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Auxiliary headlights & UK law




I recall a few weeks back that you were looking for auxiliary
main/dipped beam lights for a client (and the Cibie Bi-Oscar seemed to
be the answer).

Reading "Honest John" in the weekend Torygraph motoring section over me'
breakfast I came across a letter from a bloke who had been done by Plod
for fitting auxiliary lights above the bumper which, so the police said,
were "fog lights" and being used wrongly - despite the car passing an
MoT in that condition.

HJ quoted regulation 20 of the Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 which
says that any number of dipped beam headlights are permitted on a
vehicle first used before April 1st 1991, but thereafter only two dipped
lights are permitted. You can have any number of main beam or dim-dip
lights though.

I thought I'd mention it since if your client has a post 91 vehicle and
he uses those auxiliary dipped beams he will be breaking the law in this

Christopher Bell
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Hi Chris,
Thanks for that, useful to know.
Paul has ended up with plain spots, but I had been looking at the same
idea for my (soon to be purchased) 100, although a wiring harness upgrade
and some decent bulbs should be sufficient.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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