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Avalanche 2023 1st ,2nd, 3rd September

We are still a maybe at this point. But am trying to see how that shifts to a yes
We are also still a maybe too... Have a few bits too finish off on cooling side, just done the rear passenger heater pipes, next the Radiator...
1) Andy and Maria
2) Jon
3) Nick
4) Jacob
5) Garry
6) Steve JB
7) Tony Toyota
8) Gav and James
9) Raj - Sat, Sun
10) Andy
11) sam
Hello all sorry to say that I will be dropping out of this weekend hoping you all have a great weekend and the weather holds good for you aldi best for yooz steve
Very much double doubt it Gav as along with me the others have seen your driving style
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I will come down on Sunday for the day. We have a few things going on Saturday I can't get away from.
Hi Guys, it's with regret, Myself & the missus won't be along, our dog sitter has dropped out, so unable to get a dog sitter at short notice, this particular dog is old and on last legs, so don't want to leave her at all...
Even bought a trailer tent for the occasion, gutted.

Sorry, will try for next year or if another comes up in meantime.
Bring the dog along, or is he / she not up to it
Bring the dog along, or is he / she not up to it
Unfortunately the pug isn't upto it, I also have 2 other dogs as well, but it's unfair on us to bring her, her back legs are unbalanced / gone, she's very old an on last legs, normally step daughter would look after her, if we go away, but she's let us down.
Loaded up ready to go. No trailer lights working but hey ho. Grab a light board on the way I guess. See you all soon.
Just gotta do that work thing 1st and I'll be there.... See ya at tea time!
I might come today evening itself and leave tomorrow late night. I moved house again this year. Dumped all stuff in garage of this new house. I ll dig out camping stuff after work and decide. Instead of Sat and Sunday I am thinking of tonight and tomorrow so I can use Sunday to clear our my old house.

I am driving from Portsmouth please let me know if anyone needs anything to carry from this side
Not going to make it unfortunately, too much other stuff going on this weekend.
I will start by 6 from here and reach tonight
I am running late I ll reach in 2.5 hrs
I'm trying to get down for an hour sometime, have lots on, work this morning (Just about to start), got to get on with the next 60 to be MOT'd and someone turning up tomorrow for a load of 80 stuff.
Not got Maria here as she's in Cyprus as it was her dads funeral this week.
trying to find a window.