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Baby on the team


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Feb 24, 2010
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Well I guess that I had better make my mark too.

I live in the East Midlands with my current Wife and 2 Chitlins. I drive a SWB 90 series, Lil Blue. It has just about every mod that you could add short of a live front axle conversion. I have had a 95 and a 120 before but wanted this one for going shooting. When I got it, it was standard. Then I thought I'd better get some decent tyres. Then I thought that I'd probably fit a winch. Then I thought that I'd better fit a ..... Well, that brought me to now. During Summer 2009 I learned to weld and that just took me to new places. I now have an even more modified vehicle. Truth is that I'm not sure that it now fits the purpose for which I originally bought it.

I dream about having an 80 series. One day it will be mine.......

Be afraid, be very afraid