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Battery requirements


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Sep 6, 2022
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I just bought a 1976 FJ45 that has been sitting for a few months, and it did not start because of a dead battery.
It has a large yellow top deep cycle battery in it, and there is a second tray that is empty for another battery.
Cables are there for the second battery.

If this yellow top does not come back to life with a very slow 2amp charge being applied as I write this, and I have to replace it do I need the deep cycle type battery on this truck?
And what should the second battery be? Another smaller size deep cycle?

The truck also has 2 alternators on it, and has a lot of exterior lights and other electrical demands that have been added.

This is the first FJ45 I have ever owned or seen in person for that matter, so with the diesal engine does it require the 2 batteries?

I dont have any contact with the previous owner because the truck was sold at an estate auction. It looks like a very nicely built truck and quality parts and quality workmanship went into to it.

Thanks, Gary


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Feb 2, 2013
The yellow top is a leisure battery probably so all the lights can remain on while parked as a show piece , your starter battery is missing .

I believe some 40's were 24v systems and some 12v , is it possible you have both hence two alternators ?