Best place to sell privately


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Where is the best place to advertise?
'55 plate, 140K, good condition but not perfect. FSH and 4 new tyres. I live in a very horsey area.
Ideas welcome
'16 plate replacement arriving imminently. Big smile.


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I always look at Ebay classifieds first, lots of room for a write up and pics, plus you can look up the seller's feedback to give an idea of who you might be dealing with, to me as a buyer ebay is best.

Maybe take some underbody pics of the chassis etc, few people in this country do this but its quite common in other countries, if you're motor isn't rusty underneath you'll save yourself and potential buyers wasted time.


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Of course. Good advice Juddian, I bought my own off there after looking a very long time. It does give you a feel for prices and condition.


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A few more questions/ answers on anything would do it
Good luck with sale !
Does anyone know if it would be acceptable to give details on this forum rather than the for sale section. I will give anyone here a week head start before I advertise it.