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Big Bertha the Blue Cruiser

I got around a similar problem while changing clutch fluid by loosening stuff so as to cause leaks while bleeding figuring if theres an air pocket somewhere in the lines then it has to move , when all else fails do it wrong and it might come right :icon-wink:
You know what I might give that a go. Just fitted a 80 series early booster second hand. Worked a treat for a few stops then the problem came back.
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What an amazing restoration, well done, I have just started with mine, similar rust issues, probably worse in some areas. Im attempting to do it in a small garage at home, chassis will have to live outside but might be able to store somewhere else during winter. I hope I can get it as straight and as good as yours.
Mines on my ifor Williams trailer outside. I take parts off to repair in my garage. It's quite handy with lots of work being at eye level. Once welding on the body is complete I'll lift the body off clean up and treat underside to a coat or 5 of raptor or equivalent
Looks like a good project you’ve got there
I got the brake issues sorted today. I used a mk3 hilux proportion valve, this does away with a return line too the front.

So to re cap the brake setup

standard rear drums - new slave cylinders from Milner and shoes.

mk3 proportioning valve

early 80 series booster with 60 series master

mk5 hilux front callipers
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Hi iwan. I know your a busy man with everything going on. Just wondered if you managed to find that picture of my 60 delivering yours you thought you may have.
I don’t think I had put this up yet, I made a double swing arm bumper for the rear.

arm spindles are from trail forged in the US if anyone is interested.

Etch primer then raptor coat

just need a front bumper now


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@Gav missin I will try my best to locate the pictures, they were on my old smart phone but when I didn't update the what's app it seems that the hundreds of pictures went off the phone.. I'd like to add then to your thread!

Nice bumper Hayden :thumbup:
Iv said many times its always been my Goal to have another 60..... Getting rare 'tho'.. Dont think iv got the energy to buy one that needs restoring... My 12v resto is exhausting and expensive.... Your right Andy, Iv been following Haydens work from the start.. And it is impressive....... Full Credit :clap:
Great to see a blue 60 at Lomas Towers today. Back where it came from 3 years ago.
To see something I never had time to get my teeth into done better then I ever could have done is very satisfying.

Great to see you Hayden.View attachment 168860
Cheers Andy

was good to see you ! The rain on the way home was interesting, blooming sideways. Not a drop in the truck, testament to Toyota there.

Thanks for the comments guys, we should organise a land cruiser meet at some point. There is a place near Stratford-Upon-Avon called caffeine and machine, it’s a pub / hotel with a big outside space. Would be ideal during this corona ordeal.
Picked up a nice looking bumper off Andy will be going black in the next couple of weeks after driving up the motorway I’m starting to think a turbo would be a nice power boost for the old 2h.


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