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Big Bertha the Blue Cruiser

Polishing it back should sort the dust out, or de nibbing[/QUOTE

Yeah I will have to give de nibbing a go, was going to wait untill all the panels were on the truck. Then go over the paint with wet and dry followed by the rotary polisher.
Passenger door

IMG_20191005_153337.jpg IMG_20191005_193047.jpg
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Thats looking Fantastic mate.... Love 'yer' Work.... Wont be long now....Crack on:thumbup:
Started installing the speakers. Using an orion 24v to 12v dropper 70 amp to run two amps. The Sony head unit fitted straight in so all going well will have a reversing camera as well.

IMG-20200212-WA0002.jpeg IMG-20200212-WA0004.jpeg IMG_20200210_184100.jpg IMG_20200206_195627_151.jpg
Cracking Job Hayden, She's really coming along.... Credit to 'ya' mate........ That Blue gets better and better..
Some jobs done during lock down

New thermostat and radiator hoses

Interior in

New clutch master

Fitted a mx5 throttle dampener to smooth out the throttle a little

All lights in and working had to fully strip the old rear lume apart.

Still to do


Needs a new brake booster (spoke with Andy this morning about possible 80 series booster)

Fuel sender fualty

Replacement graphics were needed

All being well after that lot an Mot lol


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The brake issues persist!

the vacuum climbs steady (cheap vacuum tester I bought) then as soon as you touch the brakes the pressure drops right off. This is the second booster in the truck. Both have been old parts but new ones are hard to find. The pedal feel is never hard always sounds like air escaping when depressed. The fluid has never dropped and there are no sighns of leaks.

Looking for advise really, is there something I’m missing or has it become time to part with the hard earned cash and get a new part from Australia
Can’t help with the brake issues, but man, that’s gonna be an “as-new” truck when you’re done, it’s a beautiful job you’ve done. :clap::clap::clap: