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Billing and gone



Hello all
Had a good day at Billing and a pleasure to meet Roman and his wife and Mik.
A few interesting bits and pieces but not much that we don't already know
about. As I was driving in and parking I was complimented several times
about my car which was nice. One Dutch guy came running up to me and said
'At last, a decent vehicle!'
As I'm off to Africa in just less than 2 months I would be very interested
in the PDF or otherwise of the Rm that Jon has so painstakingly scanned. It
sounds fab and your reward should be in the pub several times over. Also I
think it would be an idea to have some idea of who we all are, what we do,
what vehicles we own and what level of expertise we have. I say this because
it seems to me that we have several clever and classy engineers and the
knowledge base is pretty extensive. Just a thought.
Like Simon, I'm still getting erratic braking probs on the passenger side
front wheel but won't be able to tackle it until Friday at the earliest. No
ABS light yet so things are slightly different...
Mob: 07831 458 793
We might even get work from each other!
Steve Ackhurst - FJ40
Email: [Email address removed]
On 18/7/05 6:37 pm, "Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones" <[Email address removed]> wrote: