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Black with grey interior 2010 bought.


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Nov 9, 2019
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After months of looking a black V8 popped up on Autotrader so we decided to drive up to Bedford to look at it and after going over it carefully we decided to buy it. It has done 70k miles and considering its age is in really good condition. We pick it up next Saturday. Good points are that it has non stock wheels that are spoked with a grey chrome finish which we think is far better than the stock ones and there appears to be only surface rust on the chassis. Also previous owners have added step sides that are chromed with rubber inserts that makes it far easier for my short in stature wife to get in to the car. Bad points were minor. There are a few scratches on the driver's side which could be considered normal wear and tear and the plastic bumper on the offside rear has popped out and doesn't stay in when pushed back in. It comes with quite a new towbar which can only be 2 years old at most and has 13 pin electrics so that is something we won't have to change. The towbar is a flange type which we intend to make a cycle rack which sandwiches on the flange that will follow the contour of the tailgates to give us much clearance as possible between 2 cycles and the caravan to reduce the possibility of jack knifing. Yes this means that there is no access through the tailgates when we are driving but it means we are not having to put the bikes inside the caravan when travelling We noticed that there is a suspension height adjustment. Was this an option at the time? Also we are not sure if it has KSS until we are able to get right underneath the car and look at the roll bars. Another question I have to anyone reading this is that we can not confirm if British vehicles have the stock additional fuel tank. Does ours have one? I have never driven a modern Land cruiser before so the experience was new. First impressions were that it was like driving a big American truck or car where you feel a bit detached from the driving experience but this was quickly made up by the complete lack of engine noise (I had to check the tachometer to confirm the engine was actually running) little body roll, driving position, direct steering, deceptive power, seamless gear changes and firm ride. The interior is faultless. The seats are slippery but is what is to be expected with a car of this age. The plan is to get the local Toyota dealer to give it a service and run it through the computer to see if there are any fault codes to worry about. It has a full service history but not from a Toyota dealer. We researched its MOTS to find there has been advisories on the rear brake pads and underseal so nothing to worry about there. Because the boot is so large and can take more weight compared to the Hyundai we will be looking to transfer items from the rear of the caravan to reduce sway. We have done everything we can do with weight distribution but in certain situations a uncontrollable sway causes the automatic caravan braking to come on which is a bit scary. This has happened three times now so we hope the Land Cruiser will keep this to a minimum.
On the essential shopping list are extending bolt on wing mirrors and air bags for the rear suspension. Future improvements will be stiffer roll bars and polybush suspension to give the vehicle a more towing, road going bias. Also we have been looking at LED conversions for at least the headlights, a more up to date head unit with Apple Play and Android auto, and remapping the ECUs to improve economy and towing performance.
We will be sorry to see the Hyundai go. It is a very capable vehicle but at times was on its limit towing a 2 tonne caravan on European roads. I felt that being on PCP the Hyundai was never really my car but the Land Cruiser will. We drive a lot for our jobs so we are looking forward to retiring and not driving daily so the Land Cruiser will not be used a lot and only on long haul holidays into Europe. A second daily vehicle may be a big scooter. Otherwise it will public transport, cycling and walking mainly from now on.


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Dec 15, 2017
Good to hear you found a good one in the end.