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Blocked sunroof drains.


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Feb 24, 2010
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Yet another feature of the excessive Salisbury mud was a slightly blocked sunroof drain. It seems the water we "drove" through was actually just mud and not really muddy water( :?: ) Where ever it has dried it's left clay behind that can be scraped off in chunks.

One of the drain holes for the sunroof was blocked by the dried up sediment. A poke, a scrape and a quick vacuum and all is well. Water flows freely.

I think I'll be more careful if the mud next time :|
Hmmm, something else for me to check.... sigh :cry:
The plain strikes again eh? :evil:

How about an event to try the cruisers other party piece..... a long loaded up drive somewhere......anyone fancy a run down to Lands End for a weekend camping?
Quite soon i think, work is going to get busy soon.
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How the h*ll do you guys get time off like this? :(
I'm already having to do a lot of selling for Lincomb and this possible lakes / wales trip as well as a mountain biking weekend in the lakes.