Brake Disk upgrade


Mar 15, 2010
Daniel, If you are planning an overland trip I would stay away from any of these performance parts.
You don't need them.OEM is fine as long as it is in good condition.
A stock 90 with all the right prep work done is more than capable of doing a trip across Africa.
If your clutch is old or mileage unknown replace it with a standard one.
Finding out that drilled and grooved discs crack is a bummer in the UK halfway down a bad incline in Africa would be worse.
Keep it stock or as near to as possible.
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Apr 6, 2010
South Normanton. Derbyshire
You can get new disks from MIlners, an overhaul kit for your brake pistons from our Ian Rubie, and something like EBC brake pads from EBC, all at very reasonable prices, having done all this myself, my brakes are as good as new, you may not need the overhaul kit, just a bit of work on your pistons to ensure they are all working simultaneously !
Vehicle: TOYOTA/Landcruiser /3.0 TD (KZJ90/95) (KDJ)/96-2003
Item Part Number Qty Unit Price Unit Weight Part Description
1. DP807 1 21.35 1.5kgs Actual EBC Disc Brake Pads (Complete axle set, both wheels)
2. DP993 1 13.76 1.1kgs Actual EBC Disc Brake Pads (Complete axle set, both wheels)

These are the pads I ordered !

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