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Advice on brake upgrade


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Apr 10, 2021
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Hello Everyone,
Its time for summer major service. This time I am changing ATF (just drain and fill, level check), AHC bleeding, engine oil+filter change and prop shafts greasing. I will do all these myself but for CV boot/axle grease leak and brake upgrade I took an appointment at LAR 4X4. I am planning to complete all these tasks before Scotland trip in May.

On their website they have black diamond break set front and rear for 781£+Labour. For DBA T2 kit its 755£. I have to ask him if he will fit these. DBA has T3 4000 series too at 900+£. Mostly I use it for holidays, long drives and off-roading is only at our Avalanche summer meet. Toyota OEM kit is a lot cheaper than these though.

All these kits are direct replacement without any need for modifications.

Any advice please on which ones will be better?
Will T3 4000 series be overkill for my use?
Last year I did brake fluid flush and change. If I am changing discs and pads, do I have to change brake fluid again?

I am thinking of DBA as it is big name and I always see those on Australian youtube channels.
I would go with the lower cost Toyota option as it doesn’t seem like you need any marginal improvement in braking performance for your use. I’d look shop around too for reputable brand alternatives could be a lot less
Hi MGC, thank you. True, I will have to re think as I will never tow anything, mild/occassionally car goes off the road. Dosent even have any extra weight. It’s almost always just me in the car.
I replaced my discs, pads, new fitting kits & shims etc. plus new front callipers, all genuine parts, made a massive difference.
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Thank you Brett, there is almost 300£ difference between Toyota set and others. I am thinking I can add other bits like new hand brake shoes etc
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I put MTEC dimpled grooved disks and ebc yellow stuff pads on my 80 recently and they are a big improvement on the old OEM discs and pads. Parts bill was £285. They're the kind of thing any competent mechanic can fit for you, or diy ;)
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Hi Jon Thank you. This stuff is even better at pricing. Its half the cost of Toyota OEM discs but the EBC yellow stuff is expensive compared to OEM pads.
I didn't knew there are so many options. Even EBC have their own disc and pad sets. I thought its easy to just pick one of the brands but this now dosen't seem to be a easy decision :) .
Is there any specific reason to go for dimpled grooved ones? Dosen't these grooves and dimples accumulate dust and grime?
While looking at specs there are some minor variations in dimensions for all other brands I looked into. Is this difference ok with our trucks?

TBH those huge 4 piston front calipers on even the 120 series (almost identical system to 100 series) provide such stopping power as i've never thought about an upgrade.
Finally after 17 years had to stump up for a new pair of front calipers (one of our flock had my old ones to send to Big Red to get refurbed for his vehicle) when the usual suspect inner lower piston started sticking one time too many and i called it a day, only bought ebay calipers and new pattern pads but they've proved excellent.

Our electric accumulator motor driven brakes are so light and powerful i wouldn't want friction material with more bite, hit the brake hard when some clot pulls or steps out and there's a fair to middling chance of getting hit up the back as it is so rapidly does it stop.
Be wary of drilled discs, they have a habit of cracking at the drilled points, not saying the ones you are considering will but i've seen enough on cars in photos and in person with multiple small cracks spidering their way out from the holes that i wouldn't want them personally.

Don't forget to exercise all the pistons in their bores whilst the pads are out, one benefit of multi piston calipers is how simple they make this task without an assistant.
Thank you Juddian. I too read a lot about cracked drilled discs on various forums so drilled ones out. Some even wrote that groves or anything on discs dosen't add much other than looks. I am thinking of going either plain Toyota OEMs or C hook Mtec ones with Yellow stuff. If I go for OEM pads, I might save even more and can use that money for new calipers if needed. Now my excel is complete with more brands its easy to mix and match and see.
The grooves and dimples can help reduce brake fade if you're doing a lot of braking for long periods e.g. coming down a mountain in a loaded vehicle. Having dimples instead of cross drilled means they shouldn't suffer from cracking, but aren't quite as effective at releasing gasses. I can't give you a back to back comparison, but the science and anecdotal evidence behind the claimed performance improvements seem valid.

Callipers are really easy to service yourself or by a competent mechanic with OEM parts from places like Amayama with a bit of forward planning.
Thank you Jon. At this point I am not yet sure either to go Toyota discs and pads or M-Tech/Black diamond set.
Ideally I like
I am planning to complete all servicing tasks and brakes ready before May 3rd for the Classic Cruiser trip to Scotland.
I went to LAR 4X4 to see and ask about black diamond brakes. This brake company dosent seem to have much online presence but Adam said he installed these on few 200 series and many other long time overland prepared Landcruisers.
I update how it goes.
I am not changing calipers this time. I will do them myself after a while and with a bit more experience in DIY.
Another vote for m-Tec I got my first because they looked to be the best Roughtrax sold and they were so good I didn't even lok at alternative options for the next truck , and then through the forum I learned you can buy the same direct from M-Tec for about 20% less so now all three of my trucks have them .

With the money you saved send your calipers here Bigg Red - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] and you will wonder why you ever considered replacing them .
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