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Break failure on 2022 3 door Land Cruiser - any advice?


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Oct 25, 2023
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After 6 months we had a break failure on our 3 door 2022 land cruiser, basically you would pump the brake pedal and nothing would happen, we could see the fluid in the reservoir drop and then the fluid return but it had air in it, a local garage put it on their ramp and saw no signs of leaking etc, but said it might be the master cylinder or the ABS pump that was at fault.

The vehicle has been back at the Toyota dealer now for 3 months due to a problem with the airbag, we have been assured the brake issue was fixed by bleeding them, but subsequently been told it was an issue with the ECU that has now been replaced, and there is also now an ABS warning light on. We dont have much faith in the issue being resolved, has anyone else seen similar issues and what has been the fault identified?
Sorry to hear you've had so many issues - have you had any kind of resolution to it?