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British Indoor 4x4 show.


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Mar 2, 2010
Is any one from here going to the British Indoor 4x4 show this year? My tickets...sorry wrist bands arrived today. I will be going up on the 20th and stopping off at BOAB en-route. Then spending the rest of the day shopping in Stafford with My fiencee and Mother in Law and staying over night. Then doing the show on Sunday.

Yes, I should be. See you there!

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My younger brother just scored himself some tickets (he's written next months star letter for Total Off Road), so if I'm a good boy I might get invited :D
I am considering going. will know later in the week
Les, let me know and I'll bring that lump of metal with me!!!!

Can't make my mind up to go or not - wasn't much there last year and I really struggled to spend any money which is not like me :roll: Anyone know if Goodwinch are going and if he's still doing special deals on Goldfish winches?
I want a deal on their air solenoid actuator. Will see if I can find out.

Oop, yes they are. It's on their website

We will be there, not sure if I'm going to spend any money, but its a day out! Going up on Sat & staying overnight in Stafford

Battered and Blue said:
Les, let me know and I'll bring that lump of metal with me!!!!


That'll be the thingy wotsit then :?:

Cheers Chris, I had forgotten about that. If I'm not there Tommo & Claire will be.
PM me your mobile and either Tommo or I'll be in touch.
Just spoke to David Bowyer who confirmed he would be at the indoor show. ddin't enquire about special rates- but i've never known him not to do a deal if you wave notes in his face!
You've GOT a winch :lol: did you forget? - look - there it is on the front of your truck ... ;)

You can buy me the 9000 though, and keep it in the Tardis for when the rear diff and truck arrive :shock: :lol: :lol:
Yes but I've only got one winch Gary and you know I like to keep spares of things :lol: I was thinking about sticking one on the back though really but I might chicken out when it comes to parting with the money :roll:
Well if you do go can you find out re special prices on the 9000 and Dyneema? I can always stick it in my garage (mini-Tardis :lol: ) until I source the winch bar, if it's a lot better priced than just off his website. That is if I can get it and get it delivered without SWMBO finding out too much :? ;)