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calipers or not



Hi Brendan
I only asked you one question only messing, thanks for the thesis and the insight into other things. I am just about able to control this computer most of the time not like some other people like yourself who know what makes it work and do things that I didnt tell it to do in the first place. Any way my life compared to yours is dull which matches the sky most of the time here anyway. My Cruiser is the bog standard model because of all the ---ups I have had with it, I havent had the money to do something nice and special with it because of all the repairs needed just to keep it on the road. I live in the midlands in a place called Mullingar, small town but jesus is it growing fast. the people that plan the future say it will grow four times its present rate in 10 years. You have it all over there, the weather that you can call summer and winter. Unlike this kip where all the weather seems to be nearly the same summer and winter minus or plus a few degrees. All that land to roam at your will, IS IT SAFE TO RAMBLE OUT THERE WITH ALL THE PEOPLE WITH THEIR GUNS ETC, we know America from all the films we see which just happen to be violent. The 4x4 scene in Colarado from what i can see on the web is excellent and you have all the good stuff to add on to your vehicle at a good price to make it special unlike this kip. You also have all the nature to explore like we see in the films jesus i am so jealous. Here all we have well i wont say any more because I would never stop. Thanks for the offer of bringing over stuff but I do not know what stuff for the Cruiser would be in Colarado shops. Yours sounds well kitted out sent us a picture or ten will ya. Your right about this country changing for the worst, I think the mix of people from all over the world is great and I believe that we need to help our kids to be more open minded than say the older generation, who find it hard to adjust and the other people who are --------heads anyway and are so dense and stuck in their ways.
John c