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Can overfilling Diff fluids damage anything

Not sure if it applies to the 200, but on the 90s, the positioning (i.e. depth relative to the outer surface) of the seal makes a difference to how well it works.
Linuxgod now gave me another link for 200 series EU model. I will try that one
One good update is now front diff leak stopped. Dont know what magic happened, if its the correct oil and the quantity combo or dont know what but no more oil leaks.
Oh Craddock and fancy garages- oil leaks from all his work and other garages haunted me for one year and now finally all set after I did everything on my own and my old mechanic. Good thing, I learned a lot and doing things on my own. Should I thank Craddock and those garages :)
Didn't find any IT guys so I finally started downloading FSM. It includes all Landcruisers 40, 60, 100 and 200 till 2015 and all models US and ROW. Its 46GB and shows 14 hrs to download.
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If you manage to get extricate the 200 FSM from the 46GB, I'd be very interested in a copy.

It's not just Craddock's. I had woeful service from Mr T. If you want it doing properly, you either need to give it to an enthusiast or do it yourself.
extricate the 200 FSM
I have no idea how it looks like after downloading but will try to get out 200 FSM and send it. There is still 16GB left for downloading. I started yesterday night and slept but didn't knew the system will auto shutdown. Morning I checked that, changed system settings and restarted the download.
I got a link from American LandCruiser forum. I am downloading it from transmission.
:) I too learned about it yesterday. This is some large file downloader. it was said that this is safe so installed this application and downloading FSM. After downloading I have to leave the transmission open so others in need like me can download from me. Thats the way it works it seems.
it showed as downloaded, then set up seed forever option but could not find where its downloaded so closed and re-opened transmission.
I got the error message. Will shut down now and try later. Laptop was on for more than 24 hrs.
transmission failure
:) This whole soft transmission thing started from diff oil when I was trying to find FSM to remove and replace leaking seals coming out of diff to axle. Eventually after changing oil to correct spec and quantity with new washers and plugs, that leak stopped but this transmission thing continued.