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Cargo Area D-ring Tie Down Point


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Nov 19, 2022
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So I was looking to secure my fridge platform to my 3 door 90 series with the mounting bolts from the D-rings in the cargo area.

Used some WD-40 to carefully get them loose... but still, bad luck. 2 out of 2 that I've tried snapped.
Do you guys know how these bolts are mounted or how to remove and replace them??
I'll post some pictures tomorrow of the bolts that broke off!
I think there are captive nuts in/under the floor that the bolts screw into ?
Have you tried looking underneath for same, and if bolts protruding, clean up any threads showing before using a good release agent, as you have been doing, but gently working the bolts backwards and forwards to clear any s**t from threads.
Personally, I don't find wd40 any good for rusted/seized components.
Here I am with some pictures. Yes, maybe if I remove the hard plastic parts that make up my truck (without rear seats) I maybe have more length on the bolt to play a bit with it until it comes out.

The 2 last pictures are underneath the car on the left corner (you can see the fuel fill pipe), I guess this is where the bolts secure themselves.

On what do you guys secure your gear/shelves?


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