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centre diff lock not working 100 series


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Jun 8, 2023
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hey guys my centre diff lock button is not working.
originally it was just the light oon the dash i could here the relay clicking in and out and maybe the motor moving? not sure i could just hear something on both on and off but i dont think it was engaging. so i replaced the switch on top of the transfer case but there was no change so i clicked it in and tried to go a bit forward and back in low range in hope that the light would come on. now i have nothing no noise. its not the relay as i tested it on another 105 and my relay engaged the 105s diff lock. so im left with no idea
has anyone else come across this problem or can help me in the right direction of what it might be?
thanks heaps!
Listen for the motor running. Engine off, ignition on, door open, you should hear the actuator motor running for a few seconds when you lock and unlock. I haven't had this problem myself, but pretty sure I've read about it on the forums so there should be information out there if you search.
Update: thanks i can hear that again i was unaware in low range its an automatic lock. so my only problem now is the dash light not showing so im not sure if its not engaging properly or the globe has simply blown in the dash
You mentioned replacing the switch on top of the transfer case? There are two switches on the transfer case. One to detect putting it into low range, and one to detect centre diff lock engagement. I can't remember which is where, but perhaps you replaced the low range detection switch, and the centre diff lock engagement switch is faulty or disconnected?
Sure the switch in front of cdl is for the light. Short the plug with a piece of wire or paperclip should bring light on.