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Clive's HZJ80

A small and rather insignificant update, for the record…

Got pulled over by the Poliție again, minding my own business, doing my daily drive to the office. The last time - about this time last year - I was warned to remove the light bars because they are not permitted. Hey-ho, I don’t do much if any night offroad, so off they came.
This time, he had a go about my ARB front winch bumper. Uff, it’s not a Toyota approved add-on. Couldn’t argue with that, so under the threat of having my registration cancelled, which is like someone tearing up your birth certificate here, I decided to tone-down the “aggressive” look of the front of the truck.

Anyone that knows it may recall it had the full kit of ARB front winch bumper (bull-bar), including the side bars going over the front over-arches and down to the front of the side-steps. The whole assembly has been on the truck since 2006, and it’s as rusty as the rustiest thing in rust land. Given that I can’t find anyone with a grit-blast booth big enough, I decided to take an angle grinder to it.

I still want it as a winch bumper, so I cut off all the uprights, the hoop, the side bars, and now I have a more 80 looking 80 than it’s looked since 2006.

It’s gone from this…


to this



So although not planned, I can live with this, in my old-age. Just need to get around to refitting the winch…
That’s a dam shame Clive. Always like the bull bar look you had and always wanted one but without the hassle of the police etc couldn’t justify the expense and headache.
Cruiser still looks good with a haircut great job!!
How are you 'Fella'??? Truck still Looks Good mate, As Good, One would Say........... Hope your well Clive
This is what happens because we live in a crime free world and they have nothing better to do .

I want them bars as well but its anyones guess when I might travel again :violin:
Cheers Dervis, Higgy, Shayne and Jake (and Nick’s Wow) - yeah I’m just fine thanks guys, been away from the forum for a while with only a few visits from time to time... nothing personal - all is well this end, just waiting till we can have some club visitors, maybe summer 2022?

The new (old) look is easy on the eye, I’ve always liked the lines of the 80 and those bars did detract a little.

Stay well and safe everyone :thumbup:
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