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Colorado Steering Rack problem



I don't know if you missed the post or not, but the next meet will be on the 30th April down on Salisbury Plain - so far we have
11 TLCs registered, I would hope we can get this upto around the 30s when everybody else wakes up and registers ;-)
Unfortunately I've not had much experience of the Colorados, but hopefully someone here should be able to advise you.
If you don't get a response I'll post a message to one of the other lists for you.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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Hi all,
I had a real problem with a replacement rack for my '97 Colorado about 18
months ago, I had a replacement ordered from the local supplier, that lasted
all of 1 week, the second lasted about 3-4 weeks and the third finally did
the job, I had a 2 minute warning with the original when it let go, the 1st
& 2nd replacement both blew seals, I can only assume that the supplier was
at fault, no point in using them the only reason I have a third was to
finally get a rack that worked.
Go for someone who has a decent experience first time round.
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